About Us

Welcome to Frosting, Ink
Yes... I-N-K like a pen, because the frosting is something to write home about.

My name is Sheila and this is my company. I have created a business that not only consists of the most charming and delicious sweets but also shows a special personalized touch on each item.

The company started out with just a basket of cookies in a local beauty salon and a sandwich shop. The orders began coming in and my shop on the corner was born. I started thinking, "Why stop at cookies, I love cake too."

When I decided to add cupcakes to my menu, I didn't want just a plain cupcake, so I dressed it up (if the cookies are charming, then the cupcakes should be too). They are always adorned with a cute and charming little bow. The bow has now become Frosting, Ink's trademark. No cupcake leaves the kitchen without one.

Frosting, Ink is not based solely on appearance; the taste is what started this company. Using the finest ingredients available, and having a large family to test all my recipes, has helped to develop some of the best baked goods around. We all love them, and think you will too.